Saturday, July 9, 2011

Looking at developing 6 base cities

I will start to look at the 6 home towns of the Earth Hybrids and of Humanity.

So far, I have: 

  1. Null'ood( Was Hollywood) for the Sagars
  2. Sanctuary( Was mount Fuji) for the Pure Humans
  3. Haven( Was Colorado) for the Impure Humans
  4. Grin Land( Was Greenland) for the mammosians
  5. Water Sun( Was Florida) for Ensethians and Repthians
This is just a start for what I will look at in this month.  If you would like to have a say in this, feel free to do so.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Final Edits for June

I am finishing last month's edits with plenty of ease.  In the coming month after I have completed this work, you will start to see 2 to 4 new races and several classes based on the departments of a space vessel.  I will look at creating animal mounts and equipment for use in the game.  If you want to see anything specific, leave a comment on here or on the Adamant Drakon Freelance Productions' website.

With the money that I am able to make from the work that is under production, I will buy a graphic tablet for use in developing digital artwork.  They run anywhere from $20 to $50 in price based on the type.  Click Here for the site that I will purchase mine from.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Other Playtest edits

Inititiave is being changed from using the spirit modifier to its score.  So, the new formula is 1D20+ Spirit Score+ Force Modifier( If spirit is the highest modifier.)+0( Base)= Initiative Score.  This may be changed due to how it works out.

Skill lists for the classes and, possibly, the races will be developed.  If you can help me out in this, please post on the ADFP site's forum.  I am, also adding more skills for hacking and operating technology as well as for weapons and armor.  The skill points will be better explained for people to understand.

More space will be made for listing skills, special abilities, force usage on the character sheets.

I will discuss the 1st adventure that was played at the Trollhoot for inclusion.  However, another adventure will be designed for this book.  Another Campaign book/pdf will be worked out based on the playtest adventures.

Overall, the game turned out to of great use and fun to me.  It was even entertaining to listen to for this information.  And in the 2nd playtest, these 5 characters will be raised to 2nd level with new players being 1st level.  All of the playtest characters will be included into the sample characters' pdf.  After all of the game has been designed and playtested, I will choose 5 of the characters for inclusion into the rule book.  I will ask for the players that played their created characters to better describe them at this point.

Playtest Time Result

With the help of 5 playtesters at this last weekend's Trollhoot, I was able to discover the current problems within the character generation process.  It was a very good start that just needs a few tweaks that I will describe and place within this latest Quantum RPG posting.  These people are:

  • Jeff
  • Jerry
  • Tom
  • Robin
  • Caed( We had a second Robin and used use alias.)
They had enjoyed the images that were possible of being drawn up during character generation and game play, especially with the ability to use more ROLE playing than ROLL playing their characters and actions.  I have recorded this session for my own personal use to learn from.  my fears that the 1st adventure that I had written would be unplayable, but it was a very enjoyable session that showed how good of a game master that I can become.  I was able to lead them from the tavern that they began within to the location of the Null Queen.  And when they did something unexpected, I was capable of bringing about the fight that was desired while allowing them to do what they wanted.  I have to learn more on not, exactly, "railroading"- or leading the players to where I want them to go and not allowing them any of their own choices.- them as much as I had in this 1st adventure and my 1st experience as a gm.
One of the biggest thing was on the hit points being too low due to the use of the modifiers alone.  So, the decision to use this new formula( Physique Attribute Score + 1D20= Total HP) was made for the higher hp total that I was hoping for.  And for later levels, the rolling of a D20 that is added to the original score is used.  Thus, Original Score( Physique Attribute Score + 1D20) plus 1D20 is this formula.

In the next playtest session, I am going to focus more on the magic users than those that are technologically- or combat-  based characters are.  This will help e to generate spells and understand the system for magic in greater detail.  However, I think that I will keep it open to the player at the moment before making a later decision.

The 3rd playtest session will look more into how the internet works in this game.  I will discuss this later on.

I am going to change the AC Bonus/Penalties for the various types of armors to all bonuses from +0 to +8.  However, this may revert back to the original method in future playtests.  After I do make these and the other changes to be spoken of, I will continue to look at the rules for the game master and the players' cooperative measures.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Breathing Time

I am taking some time to get myself recollected after doing so much work on this RPG.  Feel free to give me what you see as the faults of the game so far and what I am missing.  I look forward to developing more next month.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Signature Arms and Armors

A new idea for use by the Player Characters has come to my mind.  This is the idea of allowing them to have a signature item that is developed by their most often used armor and weapon.  They are able to pay a skilled Non Player Character to combine these 2 pieces into a single piece that will do both defensive and offensive effects.  This new item gain a +1 bonus based on their technological era( +1 for Futuristic, +2 for Modern, and +3 for historic) and a game master specified special ability based on how the character has been designed.  This can be done at level 5 for a single item.

Monday, May 30, 2011

I am going to start on the end of May edits. These will be good, because I am starting the 2nd section for this game.  This is on the Player and Game Master responsibilities in designing a planet, a ship, and several other factors for the Quantum Role Playing Game.

I have come up with a good cover idea for this book.  And have 3 artists in mind for this piece.  However if you are an artist, please let me know of your interest.

I will post more later on about ship design.